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This breathtaking canvas encapsulates the raw power and sublime beauty of a winter’s cascade, presenting a magnificent waterfall, seemingly caught in the act of flow yet gripped by the icy hand of winter. Crystalline blue waters rush over frosted rocks, a dance between the unstoppable force of the river and the immovable cold of the ice. This stunning scene is framed by a landscape dusted with snow, evoking the silent majesty of a winter wonderland. Perfect for those who are captivated by nature’s dual capacity for movement and stillness, “Frozen Falls” is more than a visual pieceā€”it is a sensory experience that cools the air and echoes with the sound of rushing water, offering a window to the serene intensity of the colder months.

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Weight 1.5 lbs

24"x16", 24"x18", 30"x20"