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Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Kevin currently lives in Orlando, Florida with his partner, Jeff, and their dog, Bear. He suffers from untreatable ADHD as well as motor Tourette’s, but he doesn’t let that stop him; instead, he uses it as an advantage with his art.

His love for photography is more than just a passion—it is a creative outlet that he uses to stay focused, a way to escape reality into a world of dreams. His photographic eye is more focused on imagery, details, and color, as he see these aspects about his subjects more visually than the average eye. We are all subjected to the darkness and ugly of the world, and sometimes we forget how much beauty is all around us; he specializes in finding and capturing that allure. His art form is mainly scenic, natural beauty, architecture, landscape, and wildlife, but he’s branching into all kinds of photography and constantly growing.

He invites you to take a quest to his world and experience the dreams he has searched to capture and the beauty of the world through his eyes.