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“The Red Eye” is an enthralling canvas photograph that zooms in on the alluring and mysterious world of a golden frog, its gaze piercing through the lens and straight to the viewer’s curiosity. The striking red eyes stand out as jewels against the frog’s translucent golden skin, a testament to nature’s intricate design and the unique beauty of these small, often overlooked creatures. Captured with exquisite detail and vibrant contrast, this image is a stunning representation of life in its most delicate form, inviting onlookers to ponder the wonders of the natural world that thrive quietly alongside us. Perfect for nature lovers and art enthusiasts alike, this piece is a golden slice of wildlife magnificence, offering a daily window into the sublime intricacies of animal life.

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Weight 1.5 lbs

24"x16", 24"x18", 30"x20"